The three kings of Cologne


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History Today
Vol. 41, no. 12 (December 1991), p. 28-34


Geoffrey Grigson was one of Britain's foremost literary figures during the 1930s and post-war, making his name not only as the Editor of New Verse, which published much of the finest of the '30s poets', such as Auden, but also as a distinguished poet in his own right, earning him the description in the Dictionary of National Biography as a 'uniquely valuable figure in 20th-century literary Britain'. For those who believe that history at the end of the day is a mystic art rather than an exact science, it is particularly appropriate that our celebration of the first decade of History Today in our 40th anniversary year should end with this article that Grigson penned for our December 1954 issue, a seasonal musing on how art, myth and literature fused to produce the image of the Three Kings that still embellishes our yearly recital of the Christmas Story