Artillery Systeme de Bange.


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De Bange's work in perfecting steel ordnance and employing his new breechblock technology, was carried out during his time as Director of the Atelier de Precision and afterwards as Director of Artillery Manufacture at the Ancies Etablissements Cail. Between 1877 and 1882 he completed what was the first coherent modern artillery system consisting of the weapons pictured, once adopted they remained in use until the Great War and beyond. There are images here of the complete range; the 80mm Mountain Gun, shown on mountings and loaded onto mules; the 80mm Field Gun; 90mm Field Gun; 120mm Gun for siege and battery use; 155mm siege gun; 220mm siege gun adapted a a mortar; 240mm coastal gun; 270mm mortar and the 340mm coastal gun which was first shown at the Antwerp Exposition of 1885. There are images of the various pieces on different mountings, tenders and details of the breechblock mechanisms. This was a presentation album for Queen Victoria.