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The images show a wide range of weapons with a concentration on various types of multiple-barrelled 'mitrailleuses' which feature in nine of the plates. Most of these plates are faintly captioned in pencil on the mount and show; 'mitrailleuse Meudon qui a servi a la guerre', two plates; 'mitrailleuse constitue par Mills, Mignon et Rouart', 'system Gatling', two plates, 'systeme Christophe et Montigny', 'avant-train de mitrailleuse', with two being photographs of plans of the mechanisms of the Gatling and Christophe et Montigny systems. Theses plans are signed 'L. Lafon' and dated 1871. Two other plates show plans, these are of a 'Piece de 7 Modele construit en 1870' and 'Siege de Paris annee 1870 - Outillage pour la fabrication des Canons de 7' from the workshops of the Chemins de Fer de Paris a Lyon et la Mediterranee. Other images include two plates of 'obus Prussiens' - Prussian shells; various limbers, a mobile forge, and two of fire engines, one perhaps by 'Merryweather & Sons'. Gatl