Ordonnanz uber das material fur 8.4 cm geschutze. Genehmigt vom schweizerischen Bundesrath Ordonnance sur le materiel pour canonsde 8.4cm. Sanctionne par le conseil federal Suisse


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ca 1871


Contains scale drawings relating to the 8.4 cm field gun and associated equipment in 1871 with comparisons to the same weapon in 1843 and 1862. Scale is mainly 1:5 and 1:2.5 with some at 1:1. Papers are bound with a leather spine between two boards covered with a blue/grey paper. Size is 39 cm width and 50.5 cm height. Foxing throughout. Purchased from Emile Joyet, Armes Anciennes de Collection, Ruelle du temple 2, CH - 1033 Cheseaux s/Lausanne for 500 Swiss Francs. Received on 25th May 2004