Welcome to the beta launch of our new website!

We have been working hard to bring you unprecedented access to our collection through our new website.
The new website features large images of our collection objects and information that has not been available before online. We hope you like it.

Why launch in beta?

• We can't wait to share our collection with you.
• We want to test our site in the real world with real users.
• We want real users to tell us what we've got wrong and how to improve it.

What does beta mean?

This means you will be using a site that, although nearly complete, is not yet fully functional, and doesn't have all the bugs worked out.
This means you may find certain things don't work or some of the information is not as complete as expected.
It means we will get better; adding more images and more complete information as well as improving the search indexes.

You can help!

Of course we need your help. This site is built for you, so you can enjoy our collection and share it with others. So please feel free to send us constructive criticism.

How can you help?

Tell us. If you find something wrong, broken, or unhelpful please tell us first. Give us the chance to put it right.
Tell everyone. If you find something you like, feel free to tweet about it, post it on your blog, tell your friends, and tell us too.
Be patient. We are committed to taking your feedback seriously but be patient with us whilst we make the changes.

Send all questions, comments, criticism about our website to