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Snaphaunce muzzle-loading rifle - Ortner rifle

Snaphaunce muzzle-loading rifle - Ortner rifle



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Barrel square in section at the breech altering to octagonal, the surface decorated with parallel flutes.
Lock of Swedish type with long, forward curved cock. The base of the steel is shaped to form a pan-cover but the pan has also been fitted with a separate pivoted cover now missing.
Scear in two parts; a laterally pivoted lever engaging with the trigger and a spring the end of which passes through the lockplate and engages with a spur on the heel of the cock. There is no provision for half-cock. A flat guard over the jaw-screw is engraved with a squirrel.
Stock with shoulder-butt of normal French type fitted with a butt-trap and having a cheek-piece which is an addition made in the weapon's working life. Steel mounts, the trigger-guard indented for the fingers. Double-lever hair-trigger
Original ramrod with long steel ferule threaded for a cleaning implement, the tip restored


BarrelLength37.95 inhes
BarrelLength964 mm
OverallLength1342 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.54 in

Inscriptions and Marks

The lockplate is engraved with the name of the maker Bernard Ortner with an illegible word below