Object Title

Suppressor - Suppressor for M3A1

Suppressor - Suppressor for M3A1


about 1944-1945

Object Number

PR.9015 B


Gifted with the Pattern Room by the Ministry of Defence, August 2005

Physical Description

Silencer unit, .45 in, wrapped in white felt secured with bands of black tape.



Serial Number None visible


.45 in



OSS ordered1,000 suppressors for the M3A1 submachine gun from the High Standard Manufacturing Company in May 1944. They were to be built on barrels supplied by General Motors Guide Lamp Division. Shipments of suppressed barrels commenced in August 1944.
The barrels were to be mated to standard issue M3A1 submachine guns to create the OSS M3A1 Suppressed. In December 1944 a further 4,000 suppressed barrels were ordered from High Standard. The order was completed by September 1945 and almost all were put into store and not issued.
Most suppressed M3A1s were issued to the Far East Theatre and China.