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Percussion breech-loading rifle - Sartoris Patent

Percussion breech-loading rifle - Sartoris Patent


about 1820

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Transferred from Royal United Services Institute (R.U.S.I.) 1963. (no.1437)

Physical Description

Urbanus Sartoris’ Patent No.4107 of March 11 1817 refers. Sidelock of pattern which appears to have been flintlock but was never finished. Breech snail fits into cut away upper edge of plate. Plate engraved with scalloped border line and P. JOUHAUD, JERSEY along lower edge ahead of cock. Cock is flat with rounded bevels, angular head comes to an edge along top. The tumbler is detented. The action is operated by first half-cocking the lock; then springing the lever outwards from alongside the barrel, grasping it and turning it a quarter turn to the left. The barrel is then pushed forward by pressure on the lever, which caused the breech block once free of the barrel to spring up at the front for the insertion of a combustible cartridge. The block is pivoted at the rear by a transverse screw, and is impelled upwards by a flat spring beneath it. The front of the circular breechblock and the inside rear of the barrel are fitted with interrupted threads which lock the mechanism when in the firing position. In order to close the breech against the pressure of the spring beneath it, the block must be passed down by the left hand while the right pulls the barrel backwards with the lever, turns the lever to the right and finally pushed the lever down alongside the barrel. The nipple is then capped in the normal fashion.

Made as a sporting rifle, half stocked, with greenish horn fore-end cap, chequered small and fore-end, fancy scroll trigger guard with scrolled grip on front of guard bow. Barrel is retained by two bands held by a large heavy pinned spring let in on underside of fore-end in rear of band; rear band passes round barrel completely and is held by a pin through the fore-end in the rear of the band. The barrel slides within these two bands - a feature of Satoris' 1817 patent which was improved upon in his No.4336 of January 23 1819 (XII-1051). Lovell's pattern lockscrew cups. Butt has no comb, buttplate supported by long stepped iron plates on top, bottom, and both sides of the butt. Sideplate flat deeply stamped IHLC. German silver oval inlaid on top of small.

The full-round twist barrel is turned cylindrical for the 15in. from the breech, then turned down to a smaller diameter with a slight engraved, 'P.JOUHAUD, 12, PETER STREET, JERSEY,' Base for a hinged, spring action lever brazed on the upper right side 21/2 in. ahead of join with breech. Lever has full length spring along top, which holds lever alongside barrel or in its opening position at 90 degrees to the bore. Long iron blade foresight on low base plate soldered to the barrel, has spring for elevating leaf and slide which is graduate to 900 yards.





BarrelLength29 in
BarrelLength737 mm
OverallLength47.6 inhes
OverallLength1204 mm
OverallWeight3.4 kg
OverallWeight7.4 lb


Serial Number None visible


0.67 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's mark
'P. JOUHAD, JERSEY' with scalloped border line.
Along the lower edge ahead of the cock.
Maker's mark
Raised rib runs for 6 1/4 in. from the breech
Deeply stamped IHLC