Object Title

Centrefire bolt-action magazine carbine - Lee-Enfield Mk. I*

Centrefire bolt-action magazine carbine - Lee-Enfield Mk. I*


about 1902

Object Number



Transferred from the Pattern Room, Enfield. (no.N2)

Physical Description

Conventional Mk. I bolt action mechanism, the wrist-strap having a crowned V.R. and Enfield 1896 L.E.C.1.Two piece stock, force end extending to 4 11/16in. from muzzle, retained by wrist strap and fore-end cap, which is also the barrel band and which carries a bayonet lug and the forward sling swivel. Butt of usual Mk. I pattern, rear sling swivel missing, right side of butt stamped with Enfield mark and 1*. Full round barrel, foresight 'U' notch and triangle post iron sight (Barleycorn) which is supported by a block with protecting wings, conventional backsight graduated to 2000 yards. Barrel swells to 1 1/4 in. Long reinforce at breech, with a 1/2 in. nocksform marked, E, breech bears several proof marks. Single metal buckle for strap, underneath single barrel band (other barrel band dispensed under handguard). With short magazine and dust cover intact. Scratched and varnished.


Mass manufacture



BarrelLength27 in
BarrelLength634 mm
OverallLength40.25 in
OverallLength1018 mm
WeightWeight3.4 kg
WeightWeight7.4 lbs oz.


Serial Number 752


.303 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Serial number
Before sights, after bolt
Proof marks
Arrow over Crown A8 E
Beneath trigger guard
Proof mark
Crown over A9 E over Two crossing swords
On the handle of the bolt
Proof mark
Crown over R P Crown over 22
Before sights, after bolt, barrel towards the breech
View mark
Crown over VR
Above trigger, on Barrel band
Maker's mark and model
Enfield 1890 L.E.G I.
Above barrel band


This is an example of the "British Land Services Carbine" which was introduced on 1st August 1900. It differed from the preceding Lee-Enfield carbines marks 1 and 1* in the following:

A) The Barrel; was special to this carbine as it had been increased in diameter for the purpose of fitting the p.1888 sword bayonet

B) The Foresight; in that it has been fitted with protecting wings.

C) The stock; the fore-end and handguard are special to this model, in that the second barrel band had been dispensed with the handguard retained by two spring clips