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Mail and plate armour

Mail and plate armour


1600 - 1699

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Purchased from Robert Hales Antiques, 1999, no. 123. Originally from the Bikaner armoury, Rajasthan.

Physical Description

Part a:
Made of good quality mail of medium size in the form of a sleeveless jacket opening down the right side and on the right shoulder. It is fastened by large iron hooks that engage with iron loops, both being attached to the mail by rivets. On the shoulders, the mail is extended slightly to form epaulettes, whilst there is a small rectangular section of mail attached to the rear of the neck opening to form a standing collar. On the inside of the right front lower corner is a large irregular lump of lead that has been poured molten onto the mail. The lead bears a partially defaced inscription.
Part b:
Associated with the waistcoat is a form of cuirass made up from 8 rectangular plates joined by their long edges with mail. The two plates bordering the front opening are each fitted with 3 gilded iron flower shaped fastenings having hinged rings for ties. Attached to the centre of the upper edge at the back is a strip of mail that terminates in a triangular patch of mail from which spring two shoulder straps of mail that join to the front on either side of the opening.


Dimensions: The length of the waistcoat is 680 mm, it is 560 mm across the torso and 670 mm across the epaulettes. The width of the cuirass is 450 cm, the height is 250 cm and the straps are 5 cm wide and 400 cm long. Weight: The weight of the waist coat is 7.4 kg, the weight of the cuirass is xx kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Inscription on the lead


Places India


Although associated and made of very similar mail, the dimensions suggest there is no real connection between these two objects.