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Bi knife - Bi knife

Bi knife - Bi knife

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Purchased from the Royal United Services Institution, 1963, no. 7812. Presented by Maharaja Jung Bahadur (1816-77) ruler of Nepal, (later knighted by Queen Victoria), to Sir John Login (1809-63), appointed governor of the citadel of Lahore in 1849 and friend of Ranjit Singh's son, Maharaja Dhulep Singh.

Physical Description

This bi knife has a green-stained, monster-headed grip and a metal ferrule very similar in nature to the associated kukri, although the hilt carving is less intricate and detailed. The mouth of the monster is stained red. The forward-curved blade has a band of decoration running along the back edge for most of the length of the blade on both sides, with a line of hollowed-out circles interspersed with groups of four dots inside a border.



BladeLength108 mm
OverallLength159 mm


Places Nepal/Asia


Split for packing.