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Purchased with a helmet, cuirass and an arm defence from Arbour Antiques in 1986.

Physical Description

Of circular form formed from two pieces, the central part of boldly watered steel. The two parts are riveted together so that the joint is flush externally. There are four small bosses partially etched and partially decorated with gold overlay. The outer surface is divided into a number of arabesque shaped panels separated by etched foliage and flowers. The central medallion contains a depiction of a horseman stabbing a hare with a knife whilst a lion is leaping onto the back of his horse. This is surounded by four cartouches containing: 1. a mounted archer and a fox. 2. a mounted man with a mace and an antelope. 3. A mounted man with an axe and a fox. 4. A mounted archer with a deer. Between these panels are half panels with inscriptions. The border is decorated with half length portraits of nobles between which are panels of arabic and foliate panels inhabited by various animals. The shield is edged with an applied, gilded half round moulding. There is no lining.


Dimensions: The diameter of the shield is 409 mm. Weight: The weight of the shield is 2 kg.


Places Persia


Armour split for packing.