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Mail and plate jacket (zirih baktar)

Mail and plate jacket (zirih baktar)



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Purchaced from Robert Hales Antiques, February 1999 (Hale no. 72). Originally from the Bikaner armoury, Rajasthan.

Physical Description

Comprises a short jacket opening down the front with six columns of small plates bordered by a long solid plate on each side. The outer columns of plates on each side narrow towards the top to accomodate the arm, whilst the columns bordering the opening are somewhat shorter for the neck. Around the waist is a band of mail made up from 32 rows of mail alternately punched and rivetted and split at the back.

The back of the jacket is similar to the front. The long plate on the left, as well as that on the same side in front, have been broken and repaired. There is no row of scales along the shoulder like XXVIA296 and others, the number of rows of link having been increased instead. The mail sleeves are short and are cut of to form a point down the outside of the arm.


Dimensions: The length of the jacket is 625 mm, the width of the chest being 490 mm, the waist is 430 mm and the distance from cuff to cuff of the sleeves is 980 mm. The band of mail at the waist is 170 mm deep. A typical punched ring from the sleeve is 11.5 mm diameter and 1.4 mm thick, the rivetted links being 9.9 mm diameter and 0.92 mm thick. Weight: The weight of the jacket is 5.1 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

There are inscriptions on both the front and rear right hand plates.


Places India