Object Title

Mace Head

Mace Head


1100 - 1199

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purchased at Christies sale, 23rd April 2002, lot no 148.

Physical Description

The mace head is formed with a bronze hollow body to which has been added six radially disposed fins. Two of these fins may have been added after casting since there appear to be tenons on the inside. If this is in fact how it has been made, there is no sign of a join or brazing externally. At the epex is a low dome with a central recess and seven flats around the periphery. Each flat is chiseled and inlaid with a copper triangle. Below this is the main body with its six rectangular flanges, the space between each being raised to a rib engraved with a chevron or feather pattern. The flanges themselves have rounded upper corners, three being chiseled on both faces with running foliage, the other three with an ornate text. At the base is a slightly tapering socket finished with a square beading. Around the socket is an ornate text chiseled onto a foliate background. There is an inlaid line of copper at either end of the socket.

The chiseled decoration is partially filled with both red and green material which may include a coloured enamel but is probably copper I and copper II corrosion products..


Dimensions: The height of the head is 115 mm, the diameter across the flanges is 77 mm and the internal diameter of the socket is 33 mm. Weight: The weight of the mace head is 0.8 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Inscriptons on the flanges and socket.


Places Persia

Bibliographic References

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Compare another example published in Bashir Muhammad, The arts of the Muslim knight, London, 2007, 246, no. 231, another sold Bonham's, London, 18 April 2012, lot 30, another Bonham's 28 November 2012 lot 104.