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1700 - 1799

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Presented 27th June 2002.

Physical Description

The axe head has a large lunate blade inserted into an almost cubical block with vertical grooves down either edge of the side panels. In the centre is an egg shaped panel minutely overlaid with foliage in silver and flowers in gold. This is surrounded by further panels, more or less following the shape of the blade, filled with coarser foliage in silver. The sides of the block are decorated with silver and gold koftgari decoration in the form of a lotus flower. Balancing the blade is an asymmetrical finial that might represent two animal's heads, again decorated with koftgari.Topping the long parallel shaft is a quadrangular spike with koftgari foliage decoration. At the base of the shaft is a lotus bud knop.


Dimensions: The overall length of the axe is 772 mm, the length of shaft being625 mm, the length of the head from point to point being 240 mm. Weight: The weight of the axe is 1.1 kg.

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Places India