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Purchased in Japan by I Bottomley

Physical Description

This is the upper part of a kamishimo, the upper half of the formal dress of the Buke. The back is made from a dark blue silk damask with a repeat design of solid fans and Daikoku's mallet. On the front, the marterial is basically dark blue damask silk with an all-over design of peonies and scrolls with a horizontal band decorated with a formal wave pattern in grey and white. The front has the lower outer sides folded inwards and terminating in two straps that tuck into the trousers (hakama). The edges of the folded portion are stiffened with bamboo or whalebone along the edge and with paper pasted to the inside. A similar paper stiffening is pasted to the inside. On the centre of the back, below the neck, and on the front straps is a mon painted on a white reserve.


Dimensions: The length is 690 mm, the width is 830 mm. Weight: The weight is 0.242 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

The owner's name is written in ink on the paper stiffening of the back. This begins: Tomoe...


Places Japan


The mon is that used by the Okimoto family.