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Percussion breech-loading rifle - By C. Hanson

Percussion breech-loading rifle - By C. Hanson


dated 1857

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Transferred from Royal United Service Instutue, (R.U.S.I.),1963. (no.1444).

Physical Description

Back action lock ,the plate extending forward to act as base-plate for side-lever and camming plate. Plate engraved with double boarder lines, and 'C. HANSON.' Sidelever pivots on screw secured by bun-nut washer, and runs back below cock, ending in rear of cock with a knurle thumb-piece; the lever must be sprung past a small retaining stud on the lockplate in operating the breech. The side-lever down and forward which brings the front of the lever against a camming ahead of the lever, causing the pivot screw (which is screwed through the lockplate into the breech-block) to move backwards and draw the coned mouth of the block out of the counterboring in the mouth of the chamber. A continued movement of the lever takes the block backwards until it is pushed upwards at the front by a spring beneath, presenting the front of the block for the insertion of a combustible cartridge. The lever also activates a wedge which slides at the rear of the block and locks it in position when closed. A loading lever is hinged on the front left side of the receiver, which is held at its front by a small stud on the upper left side of the barrel band. Springing this out to the side of the lever may then be raised backwards, a second hinge near its pivot allowing it to be brought over the mouth of the breech-block to ram home a bullet with a ramming head on the inside and up, when the wedge rises up in the rear of the block and cams it forward into its locked position. The action is slightly out of order as there is no means for preventing the mouth of the block hanging-up on the top of the receiver in closing it, and the side lever at present may be simply pulled out of its position to the right.
There's a thin lever pivoted inside the side lever and running forward alongside the block, whose function is not readily apparent as the action operates at the time of describing.

The top of the breech-block is engraved 'CAPt HARRISSON'S PATENT BREECH-LOADER' with flourishes, and stamped with a Crowned V. The top of the breech of the barrel is stamped with the reverse R's over a Crowned Broad Arrow. The edges of the rectangular revolver are bevelled and engraved with double border lines.

Half stocked, with no provision for ramrod the barrel and stock being Government rejected parts for the P/53 Enfield rifle-Musket. Rod channel at front of fore-end filled in, and no fore end cap. Barrel retained by Enfield clamping band with spring let into stock ahead of it. Sporting pattern trigger guard and butt-plate engraved with scrolls around border lines, guard has very long front final to support underside of action. Dovetailed bead foresight, notched block backsight with two leaves graduated for 150 and 200 yards dovetailed just in rear of barrel band.





BarrelLength28 in.
BarrelLength708 mm
OverallLength48.25 in.
OverallLength1225 mm
WeightWeight3.7 kg
WeightWeight8.2 lb oz


Serial Number None visible


0.57 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Patent mark
Top of breech-block
Ordnance marking
Crowned Broad arrow.
Top of the breech
View mark
Crowned V,
Breech Block
Patent mark
Engraving of 'C, HANSON'
Base plate
Reverse R's
Top of the breech