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Presented by the East India Company, 1851

Physical Description

The quiver is covered in faded red velvet and decorated with gold and silver raised embroidered floral designs. There is a repeated pattern incorporating a central motif with four petals in silver at the centre of a lozenge border of leaves and flowers in gold.
It is suspended by two sets of four cords knotted together at the quiver. Each cord is covered with velvet and whipped at intervals with silver thread. The upper set of cords terminates in maroon tassels, the lower in green tassels. The cords are approximately 60 cm long.


Dimensions: Length overall; 65.5 cm, Width; 20 cm, Height; 4.2 cm. Weight: The weight of the quiver containing 15 arrows is 0.71 kg, each arrow weighing 0.018 kg.

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