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Short gun-shaped stock of wood, with a shallow groove cut into the top of the square-section fore-end. A cheek-rest is carved in the left of the butt. The butt-plate is of brass.
The bow, of rectangular section, is secured to the front of the stock by an angled iron plate held by five screws on the underside of the stock, and two bolts which pass through the front. The nuts for these last are housed in a transverse slot in the fore-end, the ends of the slot being closed by brass plates. A stout ring is screwed to the fore-end plate to serve as the fulcrum for the bending lever. Original linen string.
Close examination of the weapon reveals that the fore-end has been shortened by about 1/2' presumably to repair damage caused when the fore-end plate was knocked from its seating by a loosely fixed bow.
The latch mechanism is fitted with a set trigger mechanism with screw adjustment. The double trigers, the front one of which is broken off, are protected by a trigger-guard of flat brass, notched for the fingers. An inletted plate behind the latch houses the traversing screw for the peep backsight, which is fitted with a freely suspended plumb to serve as a levelling device in the same way as the Swiss army carbine sight of 1836.


Dimensions: Length of stock (including ring): 610 mm (24 in), Span of bow: 561 mm (23.3 in) Weight: 3.289 kg (7 lb 4 oz)


Places Switzerland