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Purchased from the Beriah Botfield collection at Norton Hall, Northamptonshire, with the aid of the National Art Collections Fund, 1942.

Physical Description

Long slender bow stamped twice with makers mark. The long wooden stock terminates in a flat, turned knob and is inlaid with bone with patterns of foliage, masks and figures. A hand rest is formed by two projections on the under side. The fore-end is reinforced with two steel plates, the upper hinged to permit the bow to be dismounted. A steel spike below screws the two lower parts together. The rear of the lower plate is L-shaped to act as a footrest when bending the bow. Simple action, the pivoted trigger engages in the staghorn nut, a hinged pin between the stock and trigger serves as a safety catch.


Dimensions: Overall Length: 1111 mm (43.75 in), span: 1250 mm (49.25 in) Weight: 8 lb 11 oz


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