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Percussion muzzle-loading musket - Lacy and Davis Patent

Percussion muzzle-loading musket - Lacy and Davis Patent


about 1830

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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The lockplate measures 4 x 1 1/16 in., and is flat and flush with the wood. The cock, or combined striker and U-shaped mainspring, is missing. An external vertical bar which acts as a tumbler sticks up just in rear of the nipple. The cock is pulled upwards to engage the notches cut in the upper forward face of this bar, and when the trigger is pulled this bar moves backwards and releases the cock. The bar is stamped, PATENT, and the plate is engraved just beneath the drum, LACY & DAVIS’S Patent 2. The number probably indicates that this was the second pattern arm made. Stoked to 4 ¼ ins. of the muzzle, the barrel retained by three pins and the upper sling loop screw. With the exception of the carving of the locks and sideplate flats, this musket follows the construction of the New Land Pattern Light Infantry Musket except in lacking a sideplate. Otherwise all furniture and lines are the same. The full round browned barrel has commercial London proofmarks stamped on the left breech. A drum with a ringed sporting nipple screwed into its top, is crewed into the vent of the barrel. The outer side of the drum has a clean-out screw, and the top of the drum has a flat surface.


BarrelLength38.94 in.
BarrelLength989 mm
OverallLength55 in.
OverallLength1397 mm
OverallWeight4.02 kg
OverallWeight8.14 lb


Serial Number None Visible


0.76 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Proof marks
Commerical London Proofmarks - Crown over GP
Left Breech
Maker's Patent
LACY & DAVIS'S Patent 2
Underneath the drum
Patent mark