Object Title

Flintlock muzzle-loading carbine - Harcourt Heavy Dragoon Carbine Pattern 1793

Flintlock muzzle-loading carbine - Harcourt Heavy Dragoon Carbine Pattern 1793


about 1800

Object Number



Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Fitted with Nock's screwless enclosed lock,with flat bevelled edge. The semi-waterproof pan is fitted with a flash guard.Stocked to 3.25 in of the muzzle, the bayonet stud acting as foresight. Barrel fitted with break-off breech and retained by two wide pins of Nock's design. Brass stock-tip, trigger guard and buttplate of Duke of Richmond's design. Two tapering brass rod pipes with retaining spring running between them, screwed to a pipe at each end. Heavy iron rod, the button-head being threaded for a jag. The stock is slit with a broad channel to the front to the trigger guard. The 6.5 in sling bar on the left side is secured at the rear by the single lockscrew with its circular cup and by a screw through the fore-end from the right side, at the front.Full round barrel.





BarrelLength27.3 in
BarrelLength694 mm
OverallLength44.25 in
OverallLength1124 mm
OverallWeight3.64 kg
OverallWeight8 lbs


Serial Number None visible


.66 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Acceptance mark
Crown over Broad Arrow
Proof Marks
Crown over GP
Royal Cypher
Crown over GR
Flash guard
Maker's mark
H. Nock
Regimental marking
QLD (Queens Light Dragoons, which was Harcourt's regiment)



This carbine was first made with the Nock lock, but in 1798 when larger contracts were let into the trade, the use of a standard pattern of lock was sanctioned. Both types continued to be made, the Nock in lesser numbers.

'Henry Nock'
New pattern lock rejected by Ordnance 1770. Gunlock smith, Mount Pleasant 1772. Gunmaker, Castle Alley, Whitechapel 1780; 10 Ludgate St, 1784-1804. Appointed Gunsmith-in-Ordinary to George III, 1798.
Made 7 barrelled rifle and pistol for Prince of Wales 1790-2 (Royal Collection Windsor Nos.154,203).
Contractor to Ordnance 1771-1804. East India Co. (and Royal East India Volunteer Regt), 1777-1803. For Ordnance, designed and made 7 barrelled guns, 1780; scewless lock 1786; wall piece 1788; Duke of Richmond's Musket 1792; Royal Horse Artillery Pistol 1793; Cavalry Carbine and pistol 1796. With William Jover & John Green, granted English patent No. 1095 (Enclosed lock) 1775; on his own No.1598 (Improved breech) 1787.
Age 63, died 1804. Will pr. 1804. Succeeded by James Wilkinson. Recorded in 'A Dictionary of London Gunmakers 1350-1850' by Howard l. Blackmore 1986.