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Purchased 18 September 1995.

Physical Description

The back piece of leather is cut round at the top, and stitched at right angles to it is an oblong piece of leather, this provides a canopy open at the front. There is a step in on both sides 6in. from the top. One more piece of leather each side is stitched to the back, this provides sides below the canopy. The front piece of leather is stiched to the back creating a tube, the base of which is boat prow shaped on both sides. The bottom of the scabbard is leather and is stiched to the front and back creating a flat bottom that curves up to the sides when viewed from the front. There are two straps of leather around the main body, formed with loops for carrying straps. Two holes are pierced in the top back, and a further five holes on each side near the top. An oblong piece of leather with two holes at each end is connected to the sides, this would have been used to secure the arrows in the scabbard. The front and sides of the scabbard are decorated with patterns in black on a gold background. The lacquer coating has turned brown with age, giving an appearance of tan and black line decoration.


Dimensions: Length 794 mm; width: 258mm; depth: 130mm. Weight: Weight 1074 g

Bibliographic References

D La Rocca, Warriors of the Himalayas, rediscovering the arms and armour of Tibet, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2006: 190, no. 93


Another two examples are in a private collection in London. One is complete with its suspension straps and red silk tassels, the other in very damaged state. The same decoration is found on the bowcase XXVIB.145, and the arm defence XXVIA.279.