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Match fired combination handgun and club

Match fired combination handgun and club



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Possibly purchased from the 'Gothic Armoury',Haymarket, in 1841.

Physical Description

Wooden haft, one end thickened and containing four gun-barrels arranged in a square, the barrels having copper sliding pan-covers. The wooden barrel section is bound with iron bands, one near muzzle, another 8 and 1/2 in, from muzzle and a third at end of barrel section. Last 5 and 1/2 of 'stock' is octagonal and there is an impressed Lorraine cross.
The wood by the breeches is carved or branded twice with a crowned shield charged with two crosses in pale. The rear or butt portion increases slightly in diameter towards the end where there is a butt-trap with sliding cover. The butt is drilled with a deep passage, possibly for a ramrod



BarrelLength14 inhes
BarrelLength355.5 mm
OverallLength34.49 inhes
OverallLength876 mm
OverallWeight4.2 kg


Serial Number None visible


0.39 in


Places Europe

Bibliographic References

C.J. ffoulkes, Inventory and survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London, London, 1916, Vol II p 432.