Object Title

Right greave

Right greave



Object Number

II.168 I


From the armoury of Count Trapp, Schloss Churburg, no. 18, exchanged in 1957 for the German leg defences no. 23 originally on the armour.

Physical Description

Each is formed of a front and rear plate shaped to the calf and joined by two hinges at the ouitside and by modern straoes and buckles passing out from the inside through slots, on the inner edge. The lower edges and the upper rear edge have fine flattened outward turns. The lower edge of the front plate is bordered by close-set holes for a mail sabaton, behind which is attached an orginal leather lining band, attached by flush rivets in every fourth hole. At the upper front is a stud, and at the upper rear a staple fot the strap of the lower poleyn.


Dimensions: right length 405 mm, left length 415 mm; As mounted: height: 880 mm; width: 180 mm, depth 190 mm Weight: right 1210 g, left 1100 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Each is stamped OI.

Bibliographic References

O. Trapp and J.G. Mann, The Armoury of the Castle of Churburg, London, 1929, p. 38, pl. xviii (on the Urs armour)

M Scalini, The Armoury of the Castle of Churburg, Udine, Magnus, 1996: 70, pl. II.20


Other greaves of this group are Mantua B1 (Boccia 1982: tav. 293-4) and B1 (tav. 254-5), the Avant armour greaves, Glasgow '39-65e (Boccia 1982: tav. 46-9, Trapp & Mann 1929: no. 20, tav. xxii ) and the Ulrich armour at Churburg, no. 19 (Boccia 1982: tav 51, 57-8, Trapp & Mann 1929 pl. xx). Most closely comparable are those of the Galeazzo d'Arco armour, Churburg no. 21 (Trapp & Mann 1929: tav. xxiv, Boccia 1982: tav. 59, 68-9). For the mark see Boccia 1982: 289 mark 102 (and Trapp & Mann 1929: 38). He differentiates this from the earlier IO mark (though Scalini 1996: 70 erronoeusly does not).