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Acquired by the Armouries before 1859 (in the 1859 catalogue of the Armouries it is probably VII.388, 'boar spear, the head damaskined [sic] in gold and silver. 16th century').

Physical Description

Large, leaf-shaped blade with pronounced medial ridge and short hexagonal socket pierced to receive the bolt of a toggle. The toggle, socket and the lower part of the blade are decorated with applique patterns of trophies of arms, laurel branches, strapwork arabesques and stars in silver and gold against a blackened ground. Modern haft.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1861 mm (73.3 in), length of head (blade and socket): 404 mm (15.8 in), max. width of head (approx.): 100 mm (4 in) Weight: 5 lb (2.27 kg)

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cf. Pistol, Cat. no. A 808 in Wallace Collection possibly by M Rota, Florence. A partizan in Laking, 1904 Cat. no. 39 at Windsor Castle. Also, Zeitschrift fur Historiche Waffen und Kostumkunde XII 1929-31, pp 11-19 shows similar spears at Dresden given by Margraf Johann Kasimir von der Pfalz to his brother-in-law Christian I. In the 1591 inventory they are described as 'frazosische Eisen'. von Koerner, E (1929-31).

Image of Hunting spear
Image of Hunting spear
Image of Spear Hunting spear
Image of Spear Hunting spear