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Centrefire bolt-action magazine rifle - Lee-Speed

Centrefire bolt-action magazine rifle - Lee-Speed



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This rifle together with 24 rounds of ammunition (now XX.935) was presented to the Armouries by Lord Ferrier (formerly F.W.F. Noel-Paton) on the 13th September 1984. It had been purchased new by his father (V.F. Noel-Paton) at the Army & Navy store, London, in 1893, confirmed by Lord Ferrier after recent corresondence with the Army and Navy

Physical Description

The action is of conventional Lee bolt-action design fitted with a Speed's patent single-shot cut off and a part-tubular dust cover. The action is blued and is decorated with engraved border in the following manner: the forward edge of the breech reinforcing ring has a narrow band of rather poor quality foliate scrolls the rear edge with a pair of lines at each end of which is a small area of rocker-work surmounted by a rather insignificant foliate curl. The forward and rear edges of the dust cover each have a band of worker work and the left and right edges a wavy line and sprig border. The edges of the iron band around the stock at the rear of the action have engaraved borders of a small repeated chevron motif. The edges of the plate bordering the magazine on the underside of the stock have the same wavy line and sprig decoration as the dust cover, the edges of the underside of the box magazine have rather poor foliate borders similar to that on the reinforcing ring, and the edges of the trigger-guard have a tepeated small flattened hexagon and dot motif. The lug on the right side of the bolt head is stamped PATENT 19.145/90, the left side of the reinforcing ring is struck with a Birmingham view mark, the upper rear surface of the action, beneath the bolt handle is stamped S and the right hand side of the band around the stock is stamped LEE-SPEEED/PATENTS/B.S.A. & M. Co. and engraved with 935. The original iron magazine security chain has been replaced by a short length of silver watch chain.
The two piece stock is of typical English sporting rifle form; the short fore-end is finely chequered and fitted with a plain cap of dark horn. The butt has a finely chequered pistol grip with an oval horn cap. The forward end of the comb is formed to a fine edge and the sole of the butt is fitted with a plain iron buttplate. An oval silver escutcheon on the underside of the butt is engraved with V.F.N.P. (the initials of the original owner V.F. Noel-Paton).
Full round tapered blued barrel, flaring at the breech to a short cylindrical section and macksform. The foresight is a winged long bead on blade, dovetailed across a tall block. The backsight is a long iron bed, fitted with an open notch for 100 yards, two folding leaf sights for 200 and 300 yards and a folding tangent sight for further ranges up to 1,000 yards. The rear end of the bed is stamped 671. The left side of the breech is struck with a Birmingham commercial view and proof marks and a crowned script BP provisional proof mark. The right side of the macksform is stamped with V in a circle


Dimensions: Overall length: 44.40 in (1128 mm), Weight: 7 lb 7 oz


Serial Number 935


.303 in


Places Britain