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Presumed Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

Similar to VIII.8 except that the foliate pattern continues over the grip and the upper terminal is in the form of an acorn.


Dimensions: Overall length: 629 mm (24.75 in), haft length: 471 mm (18.5 in) Weight: 1560 g (3 lb 7 oz)

Bibliographic References

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For similar maces in the Royal Armouries and elsewhere, and for a summary of Lankester 2000, see VIII.8 (under Notes). Lankester 2000 (at pp. 31-2) also contains a comparative analysis of the various features with those of VIII.8 and 10, including a descriptive analysis of the vine foliage decoration on the haft. The Appendix lists similar maces in other collections.
The earlier Dillon and Hewitt numbers are problematic. According to RA MSS I.11 and I.22, the numbers should be Hewitt VIII.28 (J. Hewitt, 'Official Catalogue of the Tower Armouries', London, 1870, p. 52), the description of which sounds plausible. However, the Dillon number should be VIII.39 (Harold, Viscount Dillon, 'Illustrated Guide to the Armouries, Tower of London', London, 1910, p. 157) and the description of this seems not to tally. See also class VIII concordance of the class VIII renumberings prepared by PJL - copy in RA Library).
VIII.10 was formerly displayed on Henry VIII's armour (WHEN and WHICH ARMOUR?) according to a note in Short Description before this entry revised. a