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Found un-numbered in store (Study 1; at the Tower) in 1978. Possibly the 'Spontoon engraved with British Royal Arms' purchased from the Royal United Services Institute (no. 9201) in about 1963 (list on inv. file).

Physical Description

Small leaf-shaped blade, the lower half with inward curves and rounded cusps, engraved in the centre, on each side, with the Royal arms borne by the Hanoverian kings until 1801. The engraved lines retain gilding which, from traces elsewhere, probably covered the central part of the blade. Neck with turned mouldings from which project the arms of a slender cross-bar with recurved ends. Tapering socket reinforced with two raised bands, to which are attached two langets. Wooden haft tapering from butt to the head. Cylindrical copper or copper alloy shoe, with rounded end and button, decorated with annular lines at either end and with four longitudinal engraved squiggles (the latter appear at first sight to ben done randomly or caused by damage but they are disposed at the four cardinal points and are apparently all of the same design). There is a hole inthe haft about half way up.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1753 mm (69 in), length of head (blade tip to base of socket): 289 mm (11 3/8 in), length of blade: 209 mm (8 13/16 in), length of langets: 217 mm (8 9/16 in) Weight: 1 lb 8 oz