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Dagger - Left hand dagger

Dagger - Left hand dagger



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From the Beriah Botfield collection at Norton Hall, Northamptonshire (Norton Hall No. 369).

Physical Description

The blade is straight, double edged and of flat, slightly hollow-ground diamond section, giving both faces of the blade a distinct medial ridge. On one face of the blade, the medial ridge is flattened for 45mm below the guard. There is no ricasso.
The hilt is of ferrous metal. The plain pommel is of circular section with a pronounced tang button. The grip is of spirally wound steel wire, alternating between thick and thin bands and with a turks head at the top and bottom. The quillons are hexagonal in section and inclined towards the blade. They terminate in a single scroll curled inwards upon itself. A ring guard projects laterally from the quillon block and is of a rounded hexagonal section. a shell guard has been attached at a later date above the quillons, on the opposite side to the ring guard. The shell guard is fan-shaped and curves slightly down towards the pommel, but does not connect. It is embossed to form 14 radiating sections.





BladeLength401 mm
OverallLength540 mm
OverallWeight615 mm

Inscriptions and Marks




The shell guard, pommel and grip were almost certainly added at a later date, probably in the 18th century.