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Artillery - FH-70

Artillery - FH-70

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Donated by HESCO BASTION Ltd on 6th July 2016.

Physical Description

The elevating mass comprises the ordnance, cradle with integrated recoil system, and the loading mechanism. The ordnance consists of a monobloc barrel measuring 6.022 m long fitted with a double-baffle muzzle brake, a breech mechanism that incorporates a semi-automatic wedge breech, automatic tube loader, spent tube ejection and an emergency firing mechanism. The cradle, which carries the ordnance on slides, includes the recoil system which consists of a buffer with high-angle cut-off gear and a recuperator. The mechanical main firing system, which is independent of elevation, is carried through one of the cradle trunnions. The semi-automatic loading system operates at all elevations and traverses and consists of a loading tray which aligns the round behind the breech ring. The carriage is of lightweight construction with saddle, split trails, self-digging spades, main and trail wheels which are operated hydraulically, a soleplate and a quickly detachable auxiliary power unit (APU). When travelling the barrel is rotated through 180 degrees and clamped between the trails. The APU is housed in a space frame attached to the forward part of the carriage and consists of a commercial 1800cc Volkswagen engine which can drive the unit up to 16km/hour and is capable of negotiating slopes of 34%. The APU additionally provides power for the hydraulics for steering, raising and lowering both the main and trail wheels.
The main wheels are hydraulically suspended on swinging arms attached to the carriage body and are cushioned by hydraulic accumulators. Similar suspension elements are used for raising and lowering the trail wheels.
The trail wheels are attached to the trail end and can be steered, raised and lowered.