Object Title

Close helmet

Close helmet


about 1600

Object Number



Middle Flint Tower (1987)

Physical Description

The skull has a roped comb, with slight damage at the top. The visor has single sight with a roped edge, and its upper edge has three scallops at either side. The upper bevor is pivoted at the same point, the head of each pivot being decorated with a rosette of eight sections. The upper bevor is secured to the lower bevor at the right by a sprung stud, with a brass-headed push-stud. The lower bevor is fastened to the skull by a damaged swivel hook. There are two gorget plates at the front and rear, artriculated by modern brass rivets. The main edges have roped inward turns and sunken borders.
There are internal repairs at either end of both the lower gorget plates.

Inscriptions and Marks

Painted inside in white 194


Places Europe