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Presumed Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

Iron. Handle fluted in two sections, separated from the cylindrical haft by a raised rope moulding. Spherical head with twenty one blunt spikes.


Dimensions: Length: 533 mm (21 in) Weight: 5 lb 3 oz


Places Europe

Bibliographic References

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For the identification of this mace in Hewitt 1870 and Dillon 1910 (derived from RA MSS I.11 and I.22) and for the renumberings generally, see Lankester 2000, pp. 34-6 and concordance of the class VIII renumberings prepared by PJL (copy in RA Library).
Although this mace is clearly a modern reproduction, it has been suggested that the 'Litle holly water sprincles' included in the 1547 inventory of the posessions of Henry VIII, may have been of this form (IBE and Lankester 2000, p. 29).