Object Title

Right pauldron and vambrace

Right pauldron and vambrace



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Re-accessioned from Middle Flint Tower, 1987. Probably from one of the armours formerly on loan 7 to Dover Castle (II.53-62) from Malta, 1826.

Physical Description

The pauldron is composed of six plates: the vambrace of an upper cannon with a turner, a bracelet couter and a lower cannon. The main plate of the pauldron is embossed at the front and rear with spiral volutes. The main edges have roped inward turns with sunken borders. The transverse ridges of the turner and couter are roped. The subsidiary edges are bordered by double incised lines. The exterior is lacquered.

Inscriptions and Marks

Lames one, three and four are incised IIIII, while the other pauldron lames and the turner are incised IIIIII


Places Italy


Valued as a pair with III.2665.