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Found un-numbered in store and first registered by the Valuation Team about 1988. From the Royal Ordnance Depot, Weedon (Northamptonshire), latterly (1928 cattalogue) no. 430 (1927 catalogue, part of 585). (Latterly Royal Armouries Loan [CL]90, returned about 1958). First registered by Valuation Team, about 1988. Formerly on loan to Weedon Depot (1928 catalogue, no. 430), returned 1957 or shortly after. Possibly originally from Enfield in 1891 (see Notes).

Physical Description

Steel scabbard of the Pattern 1853 for Cavalry, without a mouthpiece and with a frog stud fitted in place of the bands and loose rings. Inscribed on the inside, near the mouth: 'TRIPLICATE / PATTERN SCABBARD / AS ALTERED FOR / CAPE MOUNTED RIFLES / AT ENFIELD / SEPT 1862 /
ALTERED 1037'. The wooden lining sirvives. Extensive patches of fairly light surface oxidation (at July 2000).


Dimensions: Overall length: 910 mm (35 7/8 in) Weight: 715 gm (1 lb 9 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On outside, near mouth, stamped: inscription (see Description); crown over 6 or G(?) over 47 (stamped over or under the word 'altered', the 6 or G over the letter R); broad arrow over WD; crown over GS over M.On rear edge, near mouth, stamped: crown over GS over M; /62. On shoe, on outside, stamped: 430 (Weedon 1928 cat. no.);.


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

J. Morgan, 'The 1853 cavalry trooper's sword', Classic Arms and Militaria, VII, no. 5, Sept./Oct. 2000, p. 27 - described and inscription given in full.


See List of Changes, paragraph 562: 'Scabbard for Cavalry Sword Pattern 1853; 6 May 1862; with rings and locket removed, and a stud brazed on, to admit of its being carried in a frog, for Cape Mounted Rifles. Submitted by Adjutant-General.' (Ian D. Skennerton, 'List of Changes in British War Material...', I (1860-1866), privately publ., 1979).
Sword No. 42 in the 'List of sealed Pattern Arms, from Enfield, 1891' (in the back of the undated inventory, titled 'Official Register of all articles deposited in the Tower of London...'), decribed as 'Sacbbard steel Cape Mounted Rifles. Sept '62', might refer to this object.