Object Title

Left pauldron and vambrace

Left pauldron and vambrace



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Re-accessioned from Middle Flint Tower, 1987. Probably from one of the armours formerly on loan 7 to Dover Castle (II.53-62) from Malta, 1826.

Physical Description

The pauldron is formed of seven lames, overlapping away from the main plate, which is embossed with spiral volutes. the upper cannon is fitted with a turner and is connencted to a couter and a lower cannon. Decorated with roped turns and recesssed borders, the subsidiary edges with single incised lines. The couter has an embossed roped, medial ridge, and the ridge of the turner is roped. There is a hole in the smaller plate.

Inscriptions and Marks

FRT inside the pauldron; 4 notches in the upper lame, 5 in the second.


Places Italy


Associated with III.2637.