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Lower backplate

Lower backplate



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Presented by Peter Dale Limited (27 November 1985). From Rhodes, acquired by Sir J Lefroy 1865, for the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, sold about 23 October 1983.

Physical Description

Of even width, with a waist flange. The upper and lower edges swell slightly at the centre. All edges are plain. At either side of the upper edge is a rivet hole for the attachment of an upper lame. At the centre and either side of the lower edge are pairs of rivet holes for the attachment of a culet; one rivet survives at the left, and another at the centre. At the left of the waist, attached by two rivets, is part of a lobed hinge. At the right, aligned with the articulating rivets is a rivet hole for a strap.

At the centre of the upper edge is a notch; the left of the flange is damaged.


Dimensions: height 132 mm, width 323 mm, depth 131 mm Weight: 455 g

Inscriptions and Marks

At the left is stamped the Rotunda number, MA 2314 surmounted by a cannon. Painted at the rear in white is 16/171. At the centre of the lower edge is a construction mark of three V-shaped nicks.


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A lower backplate of precisely the same form is found on the composite armour Turin, AR B19( L G Boccia Le Armature di S Maria delle Grazie di Curtatone di Mantova , e l'Armatura Lombarde del '400, Milan 1982 tav.179-186) attributed to Michele da Figina(?) and others. Here the backplate seems to have been restored wrongly, with a strap and buckle instead of a hinge at the left. Otherwise all the details match, including the construction marks.