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Presented by Mr F H Cripps-Day, 1942. From Rhodes, probably ex-Bachereau.

Physical Description

Composed of four lames overlapping upwards. The main plate is large, heavily embossed for the chin, with a slight medial keel. The upper edge is straight, with a pronounced outward turn bordered by eight lining rivets. Low at either side is a modern rivet by which a modern leather strap and buckle for the neck is attached. At the lower edge is a narrow flange pierced at either side for the lower lames, and with three lining rivet holes. The two lames below this are narrow, with a slight medial keel. They are articulated by a rivet in a slight cusp at either side. The deeper lower lame is a modern restoration.

The main plate has old internal repairs at either upper terminal, centre, left of centre, and right of the flange; the third lame down has these at the centre and all across the right side.


Dimensions: height 190 mm, width 206 mm, depth 122 mm Weight: 540 g (400 g without lower lame)

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Bibliographic References

W J Karcheski Jr and T Richardson, The medieval armour from Rhodes, Leeds, Royal Armouries 2000: no. 3.7


Comparable bevors from Rhodes, and of exactly the same type, are St John's Gate Museum, Clerkenwell, inv nos 2637,2646 and 2605, of which the first is almost identical.