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Accessioned from Middle Flint Tower (1987). Probably part of III.1262, purchased from Major Barnes, 1950, from the armoury of the Earls of Pembroke at Wilton House.

Physical Description

Composed of four lames. The upper lame is pierced with a keyhole slot at the right, and a hole for a stud with a swivel hook at the left. The main edges have plain inward turns, the subsidiary edges are bordered by single incised lines, with medial cusps on the three lower lames. The lower edge is bordered by seventeen domed-headed rivets, above which are three groups of three decorative rivets.

Inscriptions and Marks

Inside is a construction mark, X and 9 wedges.


Places Netherlands


This is an exact fit to the backplate III.1262, which it matches in its single incised lines and filed finish. Unfortunately no construction mark can be seen on the latter. It has a raised neck, showing it is probably from a harquebus armour like II.193.