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From the Ordnance Office, Didcot, 1923. Formerly from the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin.

Physical Description

Has been altered by cutting the blade to a leaf-shape with a large heart-shaped feature at the base. Engraved on each face is a crowned harp between the initials G.R. The head is screwed to a socket with a moulding at the top and langets. Ash shaft with conical shoe.


Dimensions: Overall length: 2553 mm (100.5 in), length of head: 521 mm (20.5 in), length of langets: 324 mm (12.75 in) Weight: 5lb 5 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on one face, at the base of the blade is the figure 8. On the lip of the socket (not visible when the head is screwed into place) is the figure 18.


Places Ireland


A Sergeant's Spontoon (1792-1803 pattern) was given the same number, and moved into La 3/55 on 19/05/1991 MH from the Brick Tower. This object has now had its number transferred, and is now accorded the number VII.4078

The Battle-axe guard, raised in Ireland in 1662, was a bodyguard of the same character as the yeoman of the gurad. Armed with gilt 'battle-axes' it escorted the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland on state occasions.
See Colonel Sir Reginald Hennell, Kt., D.S.O, The History of the Kings Body Guard, Westminster, 1904 p.299-300.[CHK]