Object Title

Bayonet and scabbard

Bayonet and scabbard



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Physical Description

Brass hilt with ribbed grip and beaked pommel,and long slot for bayonet bar. Steel leaf spring to search to barrel. Iron quillons, the downcurving quillon swelling to take the socket ring. Steel, single-edged yataghan blade, fullered on both sides. The iron scabbard is painted black.


Dimensions: Overall length: 660 mm, blade: 540 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

The pommel is stamped with 2 broad arrows, point to point, the 'obsolete' mark, and the tang button is stamped with S over 77. Inside the slot is stamped A and also XVI has been cut in. One quillon has a large 3 engraved on it. The balde is stamped with H & S. The over side has B over 13.


Places Britain