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Purchased 15 November 1985. From the Armoury at Littlecote House (s 1). see catalogue of for the contents of Littlecote, Wiltshire, 22 November 1985, Lot no.176

Physical Description

Steel hilt consisting of hexagonal sectioned pommel and guard of so-called 'mortuary' type. The knuckle-guard is screwed to the pommel and widens towards the blade to form a boat-shaped stool, with broad, scrolled wrist-guard. Two side-guards are also screwed to each side of pommel and bifercate at their root to form two scrolls. The knuckle-guard is joined to each side-guard by a pair of bars. The side-guard is linked to the wrist-guard by acurved strut. Spirally, grooved wooden grip with traces of wire binding. A pair of langets extend over the blade. The stool is decorated with a pierced acanthus foliate pattern, winged children, cherubs and embossed heads in an oval cartouche. The rest of the hilt is chiselled overall with stylised fern-leaf decoration and heads.
The curved, single-edged blade, blued overall, tapering to a spear point, with a false edge for last 4 1/2 in. There is a 1 1/1 in. ricasso with one fuller extending its length. Broad central fuller, pierced with dots, crosses and orbs, rises from the guard and extends to within 1 1/8 in. One narrow fuller towards the spine, also pierced with dots and slots, rises from the guards and runs for 24 1/2 in.



Dimensions: Overall length: 930 mm (30 9/16 in.), Blade length: 27 mm ( in.), Blade width: mm ( in.)