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Purchased from C.F. Seidler Ltd, May 1984.

Physical Description

Brass-mounted hilt consisting of a stag-horn grip bound with a plain ferrule next to the blade; pommel cap of 1 1/2 in. depth, enclosing upper end of the grip and decorated on the upper surface with a pair of childlike heads, alternating with a pair of fleur-de-lys and daimonds; knuckle-guard of flattened oval section, terminating in a foliate scroll which is pegged into the pommel, widening slightly at its centre to contain raised decoration of a closed crown and two tri-lobated leaves (both sides); short rear quillon, terminating in grotesque horned head finial; shell-guard, outside the hand, linked to bottom of knuckle-guard by a short loop-guard. Shell outside the hand (CHK) pierced and decorated in relief with scrolling foliage, surrounding (towards the pommel) a closed crown over a male bust wearing a laurel wreath, within a wreath, and (towards the blade) a plain male bust within a wreath.

Curved, single-edged blade with a false edge running for 203 mm (8 1/2 in) from the tip (CHK).


Dimensions: Overall length: 660 mm (26 in), blade length: 530 mm (20 1/2 in) Weight: 510 g (1 lb 2 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, both sides, 114 mm (4 1/2 in) from guard, stamped: a grotesque crescent moon head.


Places England


This sword resembles IX.1174 and IX.2016, both made for the Montague family. The latter must date to 1719 or after (see entry for IX.2016, under Notes). IX.2617 has a broadly similar hilt, but with an ivory grip.