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purchased from Peter Dale (with IX.2579 and XVI.191), November, 1982

Physical Description

Hilt: of silver, comprising pommel, knuckle guard, grip and shell guard, all in silver.
pommel: in the form of two truncated cones placed base to base and fluted longitudinally. It has an integral circular stand to act as a junction between grip and pommel.At the oposite extremity is an elongated tang button which is almost cylindrical with two deep grooves around it.
knuckle guard: The centre of the knuckle guard and the sleeve and quillon block are fluted in the same style as the pommel. The single quillon terminates in a finial bending towards the blade and carries various punched marks.
grip: this reflects the pommel in general style but is much more elongated.
shell guard: The inner face is decorated with radial fluting; the outer face is entirely plain.
Blade: straight hollow ground asymmetrical triangular section showing traces of original finish but devoid of any decoration.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1018 mm (40.062 in), blade length: 870 mm (34.25 in) long, blade width at forte: 19 mm (0.75 in) Weight: 340 gm (12 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Silver hilt has several marks, not all completely legibleThe following marks are stamped on the quillon:1. in a rectangular panel the letters LEC... which appear to be double struck or possibly overstruck:2. in a long rectangular panel .ARCIA. (The first letter, which is indistinct, may be a G):3. in a rectangular panel the number 10:4. in a panel following the outline of the mark, a large 8 flanked by the letters MODO or NODO:5. an illegible mark