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Sword and scabbard - Hanger and Scabbard

Sword and scabbard - Hanger and Scabbard



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Physical Description

Hilt of gilt brass consisting of a lion headed pommel-cap with a ring in its mouth, bow-tie shaped quillons, and a cap to go over the top of the scabbard. The quillons are decorated in bright-cut work with a series of husks. On the forward quillon is a small ring linked by a chain to the ring in the mouth of the lion. At the centre of the quillons on the outside is engraved a trophy of classical arms, while inside are engraved the initials JCP in script. Each link of the chain is made in the form of the conventional mathematical sign for infinity. The wooden grip which swells at its centre is covered in brass wire of two different sizes, course and medium, in twists of contrary direction. There is a gilt-brass ferule on the end nearer the blade engraved in bright-work with leaves. The older, two-edged blade of flattened oval section has been cut down to fit this hilt. Inside the hand is the remains of an etched inscription... M.ALEMAN...

Scabbard of black leather tooled with saltires and 'deer-slots', with top locket and chape of gilt brass with bracket-cut edges, decorated in bright cut engraving with swags of foliage and on the top locket with a trophy of British arms. The top locket has an oval button for the frog engraved with a classical thunderbolt. The chape has a small trail.




BladeLength616 mm
ScabbardLength629 mm
ScabbardWeight198 g
OverallLength787 mm
OverallWeight581 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's name and location
Script letters, "Bland & Foster/St James's"
back of the locket on scabbard