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1720- 1740

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Puchased from C.F. Seidler (dealer), November 1981.

Physical Description

Silver hilt consisting of a low domed pommel cap of oval plan with a small tang-button, knuckle-guard, rear quillon and an oval washer supporting a small shell turned towards the blade outisde the hand. The grip is of pale cow-horn with a longitudinal strip of silver on each side. Silver ferrule at the end of the grip nearer the blade. The decoration is in early eighteenth-century style. There are no silver marks on the hilt. The shell is decorated in relief with stylised cockle-shell decoration surrounded with 'Regence' foliage on matt ground.

Straight, single-edged blade with a fuller of medium width close to the spine; a false edge for 85 mm (3 1/3 in) near the hilt (CHK). The blade has been slightly shortened.


Dimensions: Overall length: 697 mm (26 3/4 in), blade length: 540 mm (21 1/4 in) Weight: 14 1/2 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On the blade, inside, in the fuller, stamped (CHK): a crown over another object (now illegible).



A similar hilt bearing the London date-letter for 1730/31 is illustrated in G. Neumann, 'Swords of the American Revolution', Newton Abbot, 1973, no. 91S.