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Purchased in 1981 from the Collection of the late Sir James Mann. Formerly AL.23 79.

Physical Description

Hilt of iron, of moderate quality, consisting of a globular pommel with tang button, and guards of conventional 'mortuary' form consisting of three knuckle-guards screwed to the pommel, the outer (or side) ones, which divide at the end nearest the blade, each linked to the centre one by a single curved bar. The block around the blade between the grip and the inside of the stool is boat-shaped and supports two ogee-pointed langets on the outside. Broad rolled wrist-guard. The whole surface of the guard is chiselled in low relief with scrolling 'vine' foliage, the major elements ending in winged terminal female figures. The side knuckle-guards have scrolled ends decorated with incised grotesque foliate faces in profile, their central knobs have incised grotesque foliate full face heads. The pommel also has foliage decoration. Wooden grip spirally grooved, lacking its covering.

Single-edged, straight blade with three very narrow fullers near the spine: two of these run out about 445 mm (18 in.). from the tip; the central one reaches almost to the tip.

Condition at March 2001: the blade has extensive rust pitting and an uneven forward edge; the hilt also has indications of surface oxidation; the blade tip is slightly rounded.


Dimensions: Overall length: approx. 1055 mm (41.5 in.), Blade length: 895 mm. (35.25 in.), Blade width, by hilt: 33 mm (1.3 in.) Weight: 1 kg 105.6 gm (2 lb 7 oz.)


Places England