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Purchased from the collection of the late Sir James Mann in 1981. Formerly AL.23 57. According to Hilward's List (Hounslow Library) and notes in the folder there, the sword was said to be formerly in the collection of F.A. Harman Oates (d. about 1929) and sold at Sotheby's 22 February 1929, Lot 22 (from a slightly ambiguous MS note in IBE in S. Bevan's hand).

Physical Description

Grip possibly North African; quillons and blade (dated 1637) probably English.
The hilt consists of a steel cross-guard arising from a shield-shaped quillon-block with straight quillons of octagonal section expanding towards their outer ends where each has a large bud-shaped knob, and a handle apparently made of a single piece of cow-horn in the shape of a North African nimcha.

Curved single-edged blade with a ricasso of 50 mm (1.95 in) with a narrow fuller alongside its fore-edge and another in the centre; a thin fuller near the spine runs out 216 mm (8.5 in) from the the tip and a slightly braoder one nearer the centre runs out 8 in. from the tip. The blade is stamped in the broader fuller outside the hand '1637', and inside the hand with 'HOVNSLOE' (Hounslow).


Dimensions: Overall length: 819 mm (32.25 in), blade length: 676 mm (26.6 in) Weight: 1 lb 5 1/2 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

See under Description.



A hilt of 'nimcha' type is shown in the portrait of Tobais Blosse, British School, about 1617, the Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich (Ipswich Borough Council), reg. no. 958-211. Another is shown in the portrait of the Salusbury (CHK Spelling) family painted about 1640; exhibited in the 'Charles I' exhibition, Tate Gallery, 1972, no. 149. (INVESTIGATE & COMPL. REF.)