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Bequeathed by J.B.P. Young, 1980.

Physical Description

Hilt: steel, conventional form (Norman, type 112) comprising pommel, knuckle guard with quillon and arms, shell guard and grip.

pommel: ovoid form on a stand and with a tang button.

knuckle guard: of oval section, pegged into pommel; the quillon has a lobate finial inclined towards the blade and an engraved line around the edge towards the pommel; a parallel sided sleeve; semi-circular arms.

shell guard: of double oval lobed form with raised edges on the blade side and an engraved line on the grip side.

grip: modern replacement of plain wood tapering slightly towards the pommel and fitted at each end with a leather washer.

Blade: of hollow ground triangular section and colichemarde form. It is associated and is held in place with small metal wedges. The widened portion extends for 165 mm (6.5 inches) from the guard and from which point the inside face of the blade is fullered. There are traces of etching near the hilt.


Dimensions: Overall length: 764 mm (31.25 in), blade length: 616 mm (24.25 in) Weight: 13.5 oz


Places Europe