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Hilt: of gilt brass and conventional form (Norman type 112) but lacking pommel and comprising: knuckle guard, shell guards and grip.

knuckle guard: of rectangular profile with a quillon having a bud-shaped finial inclined towards the blade and semi-circular arms with double scroll ends. The sleeve swells at the guard.

shell guard: double lobed form, the shells having edges in relief on both sides and a raised rectangular boss around the blade. There are two bars across each gap between the shells, on the inside of which the tip of each arm protrudes.

grip: wooden, of rectangular section with two Turk's head ferrules of silver wire. (see Notes) The oval washer furthest from the guard is a replacement.

Blade: hollow, triangular section of colichemarde form with a deep fuller on the inside flat commencing 171 mm (6.75 inches) from the hilt. The wider portion at the hilt extends for 190 mm (7.5 inches).

scabbard : thick black leather with a brass top locket fitted with a loose ring; the chape is missing.


Dimensions: Sword, overall length: 972 mm (38.25 in), blade length: 803 mm (31.625 in), blade width: 30 mm (1.3 in), scabbard: 813 mm (32 in) Weight: Sword: 15 oz, scabbard: 6 oz


Places Europe


In october 1987, the hilt was found detached from the sword and one turk's head ferrule was missing.